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Ceiling and In Wall Speakers CW540SQ Square Shape

Product code: OSD-CW540SQ

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Features & Specifications

Add a contemporary look to any room with this pair of square-shaped OSD CW540 in-wall speakers from Outdoor Speaker Depot. These square speakers for in-wall or in-ceiling installation are a modern alternative to traditional rectangular speakers for audio or home theater use. They won't require a construction bracket for retrofit projects.

We guarantee you won't find a lower price. The sound quality is superb, with a 1-inch silk tweeter providing a warm, rich sound and a 5 1/4-inch sturdy polypropylene butyl rubber surround woofer for more consistency of sound versus foam. Butyl rubber keeps its shape longer than foam.

We're winning rave reviews from customers for this square speaker set." Can't beat the quality of these for the price," writes one fan. "Love how they look and sound," writes another.

Each speaker is 7 inches by 7 inches and 3 inches deep. Enjoy a 10-year manufacturer's warranty with your purchase. Visit our DIY video pages for how-to installation tips, or contact our friendly staff of sound system pros. We offer free lifetime product technical support.

What is Butyl Rubber Surround?
Butyl Rubber is a type of material often found in speaker woofers. The advantage of Butyl Rubber is that it keeps it shape longer and produces more consistent sound than foam which eventually dissolves.

For a retrofit installation, no construction bracket is needed.


Other Product Info

The CW540 square in-wall speaker is the industry's first 5.25" square in wall speaker.



6 Questions & 6 Answers
from PA asked:
August 17, 2018
What's the dimension of the grille?
1 Answer
HI Todd: The Frame is typically 3/4 inch around. The outer dimension is 7 inches so the grille should be roughly 5.5 inches. TL/5165
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on August 21, 2018

Arthur William Mitchell
from CA asked:
April 14, 2018
Will these work in a bathroom environment?
1 Answer
Hi Arthur: It certainly can be used for bathrooms, you would want to do a little weatherproofing like adding waterproof silicon to some of the metal parts on the back of the speaker and maybe adding a bead of silicon to the back of the frame so you can seal to frame around the cutout hole. Well built speaker was part of our very popular Pro series speakers. TL/4908
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on April 17, 2018

from Goose Creek, SC asked:
November 29, 2017
Is this speakers Atmos ready?
1 Answer
Hi Elbert: You can use the CW540 SQ. Placement will be one to two feet in front of your optimum viewing and listening seating area so the tweeter can be aimed directly at you. Note the processed Dolby ATMOS signal for the two to four Height/ATMOS speakers is easily covered by the Frequency range of the CW540SQ speaker. TL/4671
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 29, 2017

from Phoenix, AZ asked:
April 1, 2017
I realize this is not intended as a near field speaker. However I am looking for something similar to this for an unusual application where six to ten of these would be about 7 feet above a bar area to create a game experience for customers. This is a nice and clean neighborhood restaurant where food is first and more folks over 45 watch football games on some Sundays. I don't need a great amount of spl, but I need clean and warm intelligibility. And, price is a concern too. The owner is smart with his money and I need to just something in this price range. Any thoughts or suggestions would be most appreciated.
1 Answer
Hi David: If you really want a true audio experience just like people strive to have for their Custom Home Theater Experience the simple rule of thumb; you need to have the tweeter of each speaker aimed at the optimum listening position. This is what we preach when designing a 5.1, 7.2 etc home theater system. So I would recommend two options to help with the positioning of your speakers. First for an in ceiling speaker option take a look at our ACE-870 (8" Angled In-ceiling). Typically you want a in-ceiling speaker mounted 3 feet away from an adjacent wall, but with the angled speaker you can mount it inside of a foot and a half. Eight inch will typically give you more bass over a 6.5 (ACE 670) which is more affordable. These are both sold as each. Note I know the speakers will be mounted as 7 feet above the bar, I am assuming in the ceiling. Maybe you can provide a couple of pictures of the different locations you are looking at. I should also ask you will this system be 70V or 8 ohm? What are your other components you are using? The second option would be to use our AP650 Indoor/Outdoor surface mounted patio speakers. These feature a sealed enclosure and come in either white or black finish. And they also feature a unique mounting bracket which allows you to swivel and tilt as well. Oh, and best of all they sound great. Note, these speakers are sold as pairs and are about half the price of the ACE-870 sold as each.I would like to learn more about your system so I can help you further. My contact is A blueprint and images are key... TL/4284
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on April 6, 2017

Leo T Ellis
from 08052 asked:
February 21, 2017
Is this speaker an outdoor speaker for a roofed pavillon. Installed in the ceiling
1 Answer
Hi Leo: It can be weatherproofed with a few simple steps using silicon to the cover the internal components (those on the back of the speaker). Plus add a bead of silicon to the back of the frame where the frame meets the material around your cut out hole. We do have our WRS series as well but not a square grill or a crossover like this design. We also have a 6.5" version available as well for a bit more bass. TL/4228
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on February 28, 2017

from Atlanta, GA asked:
January 12, 2015
Would these work as a center channel speaker?
1 Answer
Hi Tim, It's not the ideal speaker to be used for your center but it can be done.
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on January 14, 2015

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