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In Wall Speaker CW640SQ Square Pair

Product code: OSD-CW640SQ

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Features & Specifications

OSD-CW-640SQ Square in-wall speakers are an interesting shift from traditional rectangular designs. A favorite among interior designers, our Square Series of in-wall speakers serves up warm, smooth sound and is an excellent choice for home theaters and media rooms. Other features of the Square in-wall speakers include a shallow mounting depth, pivoting silk tweeter and sturdy components that will last for years to come.

For a retrofit installation, no construction bracket is needed


Other Product Info

Featuring Butyl Rubber Surround Woofer for Longer Life, 1" Pivoting Silk Tweeter for Warm and Smooth Sound, Squared Co-Axial Speaker Woofer 6.5" Polypropylene



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5 Questions & 5 Answers
from Toronto, Ontario asked:
April 21, 2017
I've purchased the CW640SQ speakers but the spacing of my studs is too narrow for the LCR. What do you recommend for the center channel?
1 Answer
Hi Pennie: We do not have a dedicated center channel speaker to match the CW 640 SQ speaker. I was checking to see if we had a CW 840 SQ that would work. But otherwise the only LCR speaker we have is the MK IW 550 which does fit between the studs but does not have proper timbre match to your CW 640 SQ which feature a mineral filled poly woofer and Silk Soft Dome Tweeter. The MK IW 550 is a Carbon Fiber woofer and Metal dome tweeter. We also recommend going to the ceiling with angled LCR speakers like our ACE870 speakers for the fronts and ACE-670 LCR speakers for all effects/surround speakers. Note these are also a trim-less design If you had access to another CW-640 SQ or even the 8" to match with the 2 CW 640 SQ you have. Amazon may have cleaned us out. TL/4320
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on May 8, 2017

from Pennsylvania asked:
September 1, 2016
Are the grills paintable?
1 Answer
Hi Rob: Yes they are, Spray paint seems to work the best. Also remove cloth from inside of the speaker grill. TL/4046
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on September 8, 2016

Phil Szypko
from Dunedin, FL asked:
March 1, 2016
The main page on the site for the OSD-CW-640 SQ says the overall dimension is 8 5/8" H x 8 5/8" W x 3 1/4" D. The manual stated that the overall dimension is 7 3/8" H x 7 3/8" W x 3 1/4" (Same as the cutout dimension). Can someone verify the true outside dimensions with the grille attached? Thanks!
1 Answer
Hi Phil: Sorry for the confusion, apparently the IW-640 SQ and IW-540 SQ both list the cut out and outer dimensions the same. Will work to correct that... Outside dimensions are 8 5/8" x 8 5/8" The Cutout dimensions are: 7 3/8" x 7 3/8" Verified. Thank you for bringing this to our attention TL/3731
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 3, 2016

from Pittsburgh, PA asked:
April 28, 2014
Do you recommend these for LCR, especially the center channel? I am currently using a pair as rear/surrounds. This is for day-to-day use in family room and not a dedicated home theater. Can I buy single for center or pairs only?
1 Answer
Hello, This isn't typically used as an LCR but it could be used as a center channel. They are only sold in pairs however. I would personally recommend something like our IW545 or MK-IW550 for an in-wall center speaker. BM 2648
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on April 28, 2014

from Calgary, Alberta asked:
October 9, 2013
What is the difference between this speaker and IW680, aside from form factor? Can I expect the same performance from each? Thanks!
1 Answer
Hi Drumm1n: Same Woofer Cone size and material, identical pivoting 1" soft dome tweeter. identical specs Frequency response, Sensitivity and Power Handling all the same. The frame is 8/34" square for the CW-640 SQ versus 12" x 8 5/8" for the IW-680. Which works better for you application and the Square pair are less money as well. TS-2267
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on October 17, 2013

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