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IW650 Trimless In-Wall LCR Speaker with Dual 6.5" Black Kevlar Cone Woofers and 1” Aluminum Dome Tweeter, 200W (Single)

Product code: IW650LCR

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Features & Specifications

• Space-saving LCR in-wall speaker with 200W of power handling
• Can be used as a center channel or left and right channel speaker
• Dual Black Kevlar woofers serve up superb low and mid-range frequencies
• 1” aluminum dome supplies clean and clear high notes
• Paintable frame and grille blends with the design of any room
• Easy to install with included template

The OSD IW650 In-Wall LCR (left, center, right) is a powerhouse in-wall speaker that can be mounted vertically or horizontally into standard stud bays. A true space-saving alternative to adding the all-important front-channel surround to a home theater or media room, this in-wall LCR speaker can be used as a front channel speaker in a surround-sound system or separately as left and right channel speakers in a high-end audio system. This trimless in-wall speaker handles up to 200 watts so it can be paired with robust sound systems, and dual 6.5” Black Kevlar woofers work in tandem with the heavy-duty and efficient magnet structure to produce extraordinary mid-range and bass tones. Kevlar is an excellent woofer material because it retains its shape even at very high energy levels. This means you can crank the volume up and experience rich, heart-pounding sound without distortion or coloration. Completing the frequency range is a sturdy 1" aluminum dome tweeter that gives you distortion-free high notes and clear vocal. Designed with an invisible trim that gives this center channel a high-end look and helps it blend easily within modern or traditional rooms, the IW650 is easy to install with the included template.



3 Questions & 3 Answers
from Marion, IN asked:
July 9, 2019
This says the frame and grill are paintable, how should I do this? I am afraid of the paint filling in the holes of the grill. Please advise. We are in a remodel and painters are starting in a few days.
1 Answer
Hi Duane:

The first thing you must do tho paint the perforated grill is to remove the acoustic transparent cloth glued to the inside of the grille. If the fabric is still on the inside, so you will tend to clog up the holes when you paint. Most people use spray paint, but you may have a problem matching a custom color, so an alternative is to use a sponge. I would also check with your painter to see what they think. Just make sure you remove the cloth.


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on July 14, 2019

March 25, 2019
Which inceiling speaker is the best match for the IW650?
1 Answer
Hi Richard: The ideal matching in-ceiling speaker for surround and effects (ATMOS/DTS:X) is our ACE670 6.5" Angled Trim-less speaker featuring the same Metal dome tweeter and Carbon Fiber Cone. The angled speaker allows you more flexibility for placement. The ultimate goal is to have every speaker's Tweeter aimed towards the optimum listening/viewing location. TL/5470
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on March 26, 2019

from India asked:
January 23, 2019
Can you send it to india
1 Answer
Hi Doc: We have a Master Distributor in India who should be able to help you out. Here is his contact info: Ashwin Mulchandani +91 9930991466 Please contact him and see if he can help you out. Good luck TL/5380 Good luck TL/5380
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on February 1, 2019

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