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OS800 HD 8" Outdoor Omni Directional True 360 200W In Ground Speaker

Product code: OS800

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Features & Specifications

The OS800 HD 8-Inch True 360 Omni Ground Speaker provides true omnidirectional sound. It's incredibly popular in a variety of landscapes, including large backyards. This single omni speaker delivers clear highs and mids while providing smooth, strong bass. With a two-step crossover and rated at 200 watts of power handling, this outdoor speaker has high-impact, UV-stable ABS cabinetry and comes in shrub green so it blends perfectly with your landscape.


Other Product Info

Free ground shipping for limited time. The OS800 is based on classic design by Paramount Picture Audio almost 20 years ago. The patten expired and there are couple factories supplying them in the market.



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22 Questions & 23 Answers
from phoenix az asked:
December 2, 2018
are these available in sand color?
1 Answer
Hi Steve: The OS800 only comes in Green (as pictured). We hope to introduce a new design for our Omni series for 2019 which will feature more of neutral Brown. It will be our universal color for all outdoor OMNI and In ground Subwoofers. We hope to have the new series available for the Spring Pre Summer season. TL/5313
Tim Leahy
on December 3, 2018

miguel gonzalez
from 32132 asked:
June 11, 2018
Can i hook them up with a sonos
1 Answer
Hi MIguel: You will need either a SONOS Connect Amplifier or add anyone of 2 channel amps to drive a pair of the OS800. The SONOS connect would be limited to a single pair of the OS800. A better choice would be our XMP100 to drive 2 pairs of OS800. Even better look at the AMP200 where you could power three pairs of OS800 in parallel. The SONOS Connect is just a preamp that needs an amplifier to power any speaker. TL/5050
Tim Leahy
on June 17, 2018

Devon Meents
from Bradley, IL 60915 asked:
May 16, 2018
Am i reading this correctly not powered subs but running speaker channels instead external amp or receiver sub out?
1 Answer
Hi Devon: What is your application? This is 2 Way 8" Coaxial speaker that takes a Full range signal. It is sold as each so you would need to buy a second one so you would have two channel Right and Left Stereo. The Frequency Response is 42 Hz to 20 kHz which means it has a pretty good bass response (down to 42 Hz) for a full range speaker. The Sensitivity is at 88dB so it is pretty efficient (the higher the number the more efficient and the less power it needs for full output). The speaker also is Omni directional providing a 360 degree sound field. It is an 8-ohm speaker. We do make both a passive subwoofer (OMSub200) and a Bluetooth Powered Subwoofer (BOM4.1) with four powered outputs to drive 2 pairs of outdoor speakers both using the same housing as the OS800. The Passive Sub the OMSub200 is better paired with smaller driver speakers like our OM525 or LS3 garden speakers. Note: Connection is a 2 foot 2 conductor speaker wire (+/-) TL/4986
Tim Leahy
on May 18, 2018

from Houston, Texas asked:
April 22, 2018
I just put a new pool in my back yard. Its a small area, but I want to add some outside speakers around the pool. Would the combination of 1 BOM4.1 & 2 OS800's work? Is that all I would need to purchase, since the BOM4.1 comes with two speaker connections? How long is the wire? I am not looking to blast the neighbors, just want to hear music from the pool (which is 20'x27'). Assume the BOM4.1 will allow me to pair my iPhone and play music/control volume off of that? Thanks
1 Answer
Hi Peter: Yes you can add a pair of OS-800 or 2 pair of OS-800 since there are two stereo connections Right and Left (each +/-). The 4.1 stands for four channels at 60 Watts (2 stereo) and the .1 is for the Subwoofer at 100 watts to the internal 8 inch sub woofer. You could but and connect 2 each of the OS-800 and see if that is enough to cover your outdoor layout. And if needed add the second pair at a later time. I believe each wire is 20 feet for each external speaker or you can splice additional length. Note, you can also select a different pair of outdoor speakers either a pair of Rocks or even Patio speakers like our AP525. The limitation on our other Bluetooth speakers are they are only a stereo pair that cannot be synced to a second pair of speakers. With the BOM4.1 you have the second pair plus a sub woofer. I hope that helps TL/4921
Tim Leahy
on April 23, 2018

from simpsonville, ky asked:
April 5, 2018
does speaker come with speaker wire?
1 Answer
Hi Paul: The speaker has a two foot cable coming from the bottom you will need to add speaker wire and wire nuts or butt splices to connect. TL/4889
Tim Leahy
on April 5, 2018

from St. George, UT asked:
May 14, 2012
If I bought 3 of these, what kind of amplifier would I need to run them?
2 Answers
John, I would recommend our High Current AMP200, great for multiple pairs. Keep in mind unless you are running a bridged mono setup, you should keep them in pairs- 2,4,or 6 etc. CL
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 14, 2012
HI John: To CL's point if you bridge the AMP200 you would only be able to power only two each of the OS790 Omni Speaker in mono. If you are connecting them as stereo pairs you could easily power up to three pairs in parallel (6 total speakers). TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 14, 2012

from Clovis, CA asked:
April 16, 2017
I don't really know anything about AV. I have a Yamaha RX-575 receiver and currently only have two Yamaha outdoor speakers connected to it. I've ordered two OS790's and I'm needing advice on the best way to connect these. The Yamaha speakers are mounted under the eaves of the house and the OS790's will be about 75 feet away out by the pool. Any advice is very much appreciated.
1 Answer
Hi Kevin: Check page 61 in the owner's manual. You connect the Yamaha outdoor speakers to front Right and Left and then connect the OS 790's to Channels 6 and 7 labeled as Surround Back/Bi-Amp and/Zone B. On page 61 it explains how you can play one or the other or both at the same time. You might want to run at least 14 gauge wire to the OS 790 from the Receiver. TL/4309
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 19, 2017

from Milwaukee, WI asked:
July 9, 2016
I am looking at getting three of these to cover a large pool area with each speaker projecting in mono. I can't seem to find a description of the connection between the speakers and the amp so I can feel confident with my setup. I plan on powering them as one of the A/B channel pairs on an AMP300 with the other A/B channel going to two sets of mounted stereo patio speakers. Will this configuration work?
1 Answer
HI Joe: The AMP 300 can not output anything else but Bridged Mono through Speaker A (both R+ and Left+). So it would not work for the application you described. We do have a number of options both Rocks and Patio Speakers which are Dual Voice coil speakers that will play a summed Mono Stereo full range signal. With the AMP 300 and a Speaker Selector and Impedance matching Volume controls (whether built into the Speaker Selector or external stand alone components) you could have a combination of Single stereo speakers and stereo pairs like you described. I would love the opportunity to explain further. If you are interested please contact me at I also design systems for our Upload Your Plans feature on our web site. Please let me know TL/3974
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 11, 2016

from Newtown asked:
May 12, 2016
How do these differ from the OS850? Both are 8" and obviously handle different power, but how do they sound relative to one another? There is obviously a substantial price difference. Thanks.
1 Answer
Hi Mike: The OS-850 is a more substantial Speaker, It is rated at 300 watts vs 200 watts. It goes down to 38 Hz (more bass) vs 42 Hz of the OS-790. Sensitivity is 90 dB vs 88 dB which means the OS-850 is more efficient and does not need as much current to play louder. The Cabinet is more substantial, weighing nearly 20 pounds versus 8 pounds for the OS-790. The OS-850 also features a true 2 way Coaxial driver with a woofer and pole mounted 1" tweeter and a true 12 dB crossover vs a whizzer cone woofer for the OS-790. Last but not least the OS-850 features a Down Firing driver with a special dispersion plate which is designed to deliver high frequencies at 12-degrees above horizontal, no blocking high frequency. The rugged design of the OS-850 makes it a great choice for Commercial as well as Residential projects. having said that, the OS-790 is a great value for the price. TL/3874
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 13, 2016

Chuck Zamzow
from Uranus asked:
May 2, 2016
Anybody know if TIC's sound just as good? - They at least have product to sell.
1 Answer
Hi Chuck: There is a reason ours are sold out. We had in stock they probably didn't, then they did and we didn't. We will be back in stock next week. TL/3858
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 5, 2016

Chuck Zamzow
from Uranus asked:
May 2, 2016
Why do they say April 30th and it's past April 30th - they ALWAYS run out of these - want to buy 5 more.
1 Answer
Hi Chuck: April 30 was the initial delivery date, more like the week of May 9th. That is when we expect a container in from our factories. We are glad to get them in for the Outdoor season. TL/3857
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 5, 2016

from Michigan asked:
March 9, 2016
Has anyone used these for PA applications. I have a golf course and want to used them for making announcements with microphone around the clubhouse area as well as playing music. I'm wondering if they will project voice well over PA ?
1 Answer
HI John: These speakers unlike the RX-805 are omni - directional and would work fine for your application as well. The RX-805 are more directional with a front firing tweeter. And is more critical how you palace them for the optimum listening. The design of the OS-790 has the speaker firing into a cabinet that has a 360 degree dispersion pattern. I would like to find out what the rest of your system consists of to help give you a better answer. Please feel free to contact me at The more information I have the better it is for me. I usually request Brand name and model number of each component you have or are looking to replace. Please let me know TL/3745
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 10, 2016

from Cleveland asked:
March 30, 2015
I am interested to understand how long the speaker wire is that hangs off the OS790. I have a location in a landscape bed where I need about 3ft. of wire in order to get it into the location I want it. Please let me know
1 Answer
Hi Tim, This model has a 19 inch wire but can you be spliced with other wire!
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 13, 2015

from Maryland asked:
May 24, 2014
What is the max length of speaker wire that can be run. Improving the system at our community pool and would like to run speakers on the other side of pool. Probably 300 feet. Can an amp drive a speaker that far away with the proper gauge wire of at least 10?
1 Answer
Hi Bart, You would need 12 or 10 gauge wiring for that far of a distance and the amp would need to be fairly powerful. What type of amp are you running? It may be best to run 70v. BM 2709
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 28, 2014

from Wayne, NJ asked:
March 31, 2014
Do these speakers have to be buried, and can they be painted without voiding the warrantee? I'd like to put these speakers on my deck.
1 Answer
Hi Dan, No the OS790's don't HAVE to be buried but it is suggested. When buried, the sound will project off of the ground out into your yard. If you were to paint your speaker, we would not be able to accept it for a refund or exchange, but we would be able to try to repair it if it became damaged. CS 2583
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 1, 2014

from kazoo asked:
December 30, 2013
I use a 12 volt car battery to power my amp on my mp3 player to call in wild geese, I know it sounds stupid!! but my amp says 4 x 25w, is this enough power to push these speakers, I currently use outdoor horns, but they sound tinny and distort under 3/4 power, Thanks,Kevin
1 Answer
Yes, they should sound fine.
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 6, 2014

Greg Gregory B. James
from orange ca asked:
September 25, 2013
I have four of these speakers connected to a yamaha rx-v1000 receiver channel b. I am running a total of 4 pairs of speakers including the os790 using a dsm6 selector. There is i can barely hear any of the speakers even when the volume is cranked to max. Any ideas what the problem might be or how to troubleshoot? Greg
1 Answer
Greg, Thanks for the question. Usually it's not recommended to run multiple sets of speakers off a single zone on a standard receiver. The Zone 2 is usually intended to run an extra pair of 8ohm speakers, so this could definitely be the reason you are not getting sufficient power. I'm guessing that zone probably shoots out 80-110 watts per channel, which just isn't enough to power that many speakers. I would advise you to invest in a dedicated, high-current amplifier for the non-home theater speakers. Check out the AMP300. Call us for more details. 562-697-2600. Thanks! -BM 2245
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 17, 2013

from Omaha asked:
April 28, 2013
Can I hook 2 of these OS790's to my home theater Yamaha RX-V371 via the OSV300 outdoor volume control, or do I need something else to drive them?
1 Answer
Hi RTH, If your receiver has a powered speaker output that is not being used, you can connect two OS790 omni ground speakers via an OVC300 volume control. CL/.MA 1838
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 29, 2013

from Milwaukee, Wisconsin asked:
January 9, 2013
Will one of the OS790's produce both left and right stereo sound, or will two speakers need to be purchased for that outcome?
1 Answer
Hi Shawn, You will need two of these omni speakers for stereo, one for your left and one for your right speaker. We do offer several outdoor single stereo speakers (AP550TT, RS850TT, RS800TT, RS690TT); however, these are not omni speakers. CL /MA 1524
Customer Service - Q&A
on January 9, 2013

from Dunkirk, MD asked:
August 7, 2012
I'm moving into a house that has about 12 of these setup in the back yard. The owner said I need to purchase a 70volt amplifier in order to run them. Can you all recommend one that will work for me? thank you, Adam
1 Answer
Hi Adam: You need to check the connections on the OS790 speakers. There will either be a small knob located on the bottom of the speaker or an external transformer wired in line just outside the speaker itself. In either case the knob will have (1) 8 ohm setting and (4 to 5) 70V settings usually 2.5w, 5.0W, 10W, 15W and 20W. Check to see what they are currently set at (check at least two of them, they should all be the same). If for example they are set to 5.0W you would multiply that by 12 = 60 Watts, so you would need at least a 60 to 80 watt amplifier. We do have a 60 watt Integrated Amplifier with three standard source and three mic inputs (for paging). It is scheduled to be back in stock before the end of August. That might work. Otherwise you can look for something from either CROWN or QSC with lots more power (and lots more money). TL TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on August 8, 2012

from Carthage, TN asked:
March 16, 2012
I would like to purchase speakers for around pool area. Would these stand up to the weather(rain) and do they go in the landscaping?
1 Answer
Hi Patsy: These are built for outdoor use with direct exposure to all the elements. They are even designed to be semi buried and wired by direct burial cable. They have a omni directional 360 degree disperson. Thehy are sold a each where you would need to buy a second speaker to run a stereo pair. They will handle up to 200 watts a channel and utilizing an 8 inch mid bass woofer it has decent bass response. TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 16, 2012

from League City, TX asked:
January 31, 2012
I am trying to decide between these OS790 speakers and the OS660RM omni rock speakers. Aside from the aesthetic difference is there any benefit for one over the other. These will be installed around a pool in a large open back yard. Will one be better for my application?
1 Answer
Hi Scott, After reviewing the components, the OS790 is going to deliver heavier bass, while the RS660om will have crisper highs. Both are excellent products but if high fidelity (very precise audio) is important to you, go with the RS660om. If you prefer heavier bass, have a large area to cover, and have competing noise issues (like a pool), you might be better off with the OS790 CL/ MA
Customer Service - Q&A
on January 31, 2012

Product Reviews

34 Reviews
85% (29)
15% (5)
0% (0)
0% (0)
0% (0)
88% Recommend this product (30 of 34 responses)
By Russ
Palmdale, Ca
August 3, 2016
happy with speakers
Only had them for a few weeks, the output is very good. I can heard them all over the backyard. They appear to be made to last for a long time, time will tell.
Prosgreen, they blend into the landscape,
Consnone at this time
By Andy Watson
July 13, 2016
Great outdoor sound
They would make great speakers for your living room but they don't blend very well with our furniture. We had to replace an old pair of speakers that are about nine years old, so most of the cable work was already in, and hooking them up in less than an hour was a snap. We forgot how good the sound from these speakers are.
ProsClear beautiful sound. Good Price.
ConsNeighbors might complain because you will want to crank them up with sound this clear.
Best UsesBack Yard around the pool for us.
By Artistwags
Celina, Ohio
July 13, 2016
So far so good
Overall graat sound, and nice output... Fills the entire patio area nicely... Too bad my son's choice of music ruins it at times:-)
By Ross
Phoenix, Arizona
July 11, 2016
Great Speaker Sound!
For this price point the sound, durability and ease of install is second to none. I now have three of these speakers in by backyard, hooked up to an inside receiver and---whoa!!! The sound is amazing.
ProsThe sound is fantastic. Durability is super---I've had two of these speakers in the Arizona sun for 6+ years, which means the baking heat and the sprinkler system (and monsoon rains) really gives these speakers a difficult endurance test. They pass with flying colors!
ConsIt's a hard-wired unit. Running speaker wire takes time.
Best UsesThis speaker (we now have three) sets up your backyard and turns it into a resort-style entertainment area, outdoor nightclub, or cantina. The sound these speakers put out can be subtle at low volume or pretty darn loud at higher settings volume.
By Larry
Coral Springs, FL
July 5, 2016
Awesome outdoor speaker
I am very pleased with this outdoor speaker. I am replacing one that the bass had started to go and paid twice as much for that speaker. You can't beat the quality and price. Putting two speakers in your backyard by the pool is awesome!
By Stereo ADV
June 20, 2016
Omni ground speaker
Product is well made works great. Although if they had only added two wire nuts for connection like Paramount used to it would have gotten a higher rating . If your going to copy some one go the whole yard.
ProsJust like the Paramount omni speakers.
ConsBring your own wire nuts for connection.
Best Usesout door around shrubs and greenery it is well hidden and works great.
By Rich
June 2, 2016
Great value
I needed to replace one of these speakers that had served me admirably for over a decade. It took me about 20 minutes to remove, replace, and connect the new speaker in the landscape bed. All is well and we are experiencing nice clear sound outside once again. This is great product.
ProsGreat value. Wired speakers provide much better sound than wireless.
ConsRunning wire underground.
Best UsesProviding music anywhere outdoors where it is practical.
By Steve
Ellicott City, MD
December 28, 2013
These are awesome speakers. Great sound and they fit right into the shrubery,
By Bob
Virginia Beach
November 2, 2013
Under Porch Placement
I have two of these speakers hidden under and behind lattice at either end of our wooden porch which is about 3' off the ground. There is excellent sound extension horizontally towards the pool and yard as well as vertically thru the porch slats. Great party atmosphere and easy to control when attached to a networked receiver.
Best UsesOutdoor for Omnidirectional sound
By Eben
September 26, 2013
Excellent Choice for Outdoors
Performs really well, and with additionally purchased volume control, allows easy volume adjustments.
ProsEasy to install/setup
Best Usesoutdoors
By Michael
Hilton Head Island, SC
July 28, 2013
Omni Ground Pool Speakers
Great looking and even better sounding. Easy to install and very quality built product. I highly recommend these speakers.
By Peter
Arlington, Texas
June 17, 2013
Outstanding Speaker
I wanted to enhance the sound around my pool area, so I purchased 2 OS790's and I wasn't disappointed! The sound quality and price are outstanding... if you need quality sound, buy this item!
By Mark
Melbourne, Florida
June 13, 2013
Omni speakers rock...
This is my second pair of 360's and they make my backyard a true soundscape. It can be a party or just relaxing and listening while floating in the pool. These speakers are truly awesome.
By JT5275
Simpsonville, SC
June 12, 2013
Good sound at a good price.
I have had this type of speaker from outdoor speaker depot for 9 years now and this particular one for a year now and they have all done great. Just wire it bury it and forget it.
ProsEasy to install. Long lasting. Good sound.
Best UsesOutside anywhere.
By Mitch
Clearwater, FL
June 10, 2013
Perfect for the patio
For the price you cant beat these speakers. Sound quality and bass are both excellent
By Ed
New Jersey
June 4, 2013
8" outdoor speakers
Good price ...Good quality..Fast delivery! I will definitly reccomemd OUTDOOR SPEAKER DEPOT to my friends!
By Pablo
Buenos Aires - Argentine
May 30, 2013
Fast speed good service
I have not tested yet the product but it look very well and also the sale service is fast and good!
April 26, 2013
By Chuck Wiegand
St. Charles, MO
April 25, 2013
Great set of speakers.
These speakers were bought to replace a pair of Omni speakers (appear to be the same design) that we have had for over 16 years at this home and probably about 3 years at another home. If these give me half the service of the old ones, I will not complain. One of the old speakers is still functioning. The new speakers arrived on the date designated and it was a good buying experience with Outdoor Speaker Depot. .
ProsGreat sound. Blend in well with garden location where they are installed
Best UsesWe have them installed in flower beds at each end of our pool.
By Name
Houston, Tx
March 30, 2013
Outstanding Speakers
We love these speakers. Just installed then a month ago and now we have invisible sound coming from our flower beds around the pool. We painted ours black to match our mulch and your really cant see them at all.
By Jody
new orleans la
March 28, 2013
great product
Awesome sound great quality and quick shipping great price what more can you ask for!
By travis ubrun
March 10, 2013
good for the money
I live inthe pacific north west these speakers work great and last. All you got to do is dig a hole put em it plug em in and thre you have it. This is my second pair I blew the first ones up, just turned them up way too much.
Proseasy install
Conscant hadle big bass
Best Usesoutdoor waterproof
By Laurie
Palm Bay, FL
January 5, 2013
Completely satisfied
We put these speakers outside in our pool area. They sound great. I love them!!!
ProsThe Speakers Sound Great, Easy To Set Up, Nothing Negative, We Received Compliments F, Good Power Output, Great Sound Quality
ConsNo Cons
Best UsesOutdoors
By Smally58
Milwaukee, WI
July 20, 2012
Very good speakers
This is my second set of these speakers. I added them to my first ones which I installed outside 5 years ago and they still play like the day I got them. Very happy with the sound quality and durability. Would definately recommend them.
ProsGreat Sound Quality, Good Power Output, Easy To Set Up, Attractive Design, Easy to Mount
Best UsesOutdoors, Home
By muellteam
St. Louis, MO
June 20, 2012
Good performance & price
I purchased these speakers to replace the Paramount Omni speakers I had around my pool. These look identical, sound just as good and were less expensive. I am very happy with these speakers.
ProsGreat Sound Quality, Good Power Output, Attractive Design, Easy to Mount, Easy To Set Up
Best UsesOutdoors