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TSM8 Dual Source 8-Zone Speaker Selector with Amplifier Protection Circuitry and Removeable Input/Output Connectors

Product code: OSD-TSM8

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Features & Specifications

• Distributes audio from an amplifier to up to eight pairs of speakers
• Manually-activated power protection circuitry ensures amplifier stability
• Provides maximum power handling and ultra-high-quality signal transmission
• Autoformer-based operates more efficiently than resistor -based selectors
• Includes front-panel A/B switch to drive speakers from either of two amps
• Play one pair, a combination of pairs, or all eight pairs simultaneously
• Removeable, color-coded snap-in connectors for easy installation
• Includes custom die-cut labels to identify each listening zone
• Compatible with all high-current amplifiers
• High quality construction with two-year warranty

Designed for whole-house audio systems or commercial/retail environments, the TSM8 is a powerful yet affordable dual source zone speaker selector that allows you to connect up to eight pairs of speakers (eight listening zones) and select the zones with front panel push-button controls. A passive device that connects to a high-current amplifier and is compatible with in-wall volume controls, the TSM8 speaker distribution system also includes dual source switching (A/B) so you can choose between two audio amplifiers as well as individual on/off switches for each zone.

Equipped with Impedance Protection

This high-power speaker selector is equipped with a low-frequency protection circuit to reduce subsonic signals so you can drive multiple pairs of speakers without going below safe impedance ratings. Going below the impedance rating can overheat or even damage expensive equipment or cause the amplifier to automatically shut off. The TSM8 utilizes audio-grade impedance-matching autoformers to safely distribute maximum power throughout your system, and a rotary switch located on the rear panel can be used to set the appropriate impedance to be seen by your amplifier based on the number of pair of speakers connected.

Ease of Use and Installation
Accepts up to 14-gauge speaker wire, the TSM8 includes removable 4-pole color coded snap-in amplifier and speaker connectors for ease of installation when terminating. Another feature popular with our customers are the included die-cut labels that can be attached to each button to identify each listening, for example kitchen, patio, etc.



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By John from Lawrence, KS on September 16, 2012
Should I be able to test the ohms coming out with a multi-meter? I have installed this box for my system and have 8 speaker pairs hooked up to it. The speakers are 8 ohm speakers and the amp is an 8 ohm amp. If I understand correctly, after I have all 8 speaker pairs hooked up and I turn the dial to 8 speaker pairs, I should be able to test the Ohms coming out of the Amp by putting the multi-meter into the Amp A or Amp B circuitry. Unfortunately, I'm getting a reading of 0 ohms so I'm assuming something is wrong.
By Customer Service - Q&A on September 19, 2012

Hi John,
You would not get an accurate reading from the speaker output on an amp. The TSM-8 has impedance matching; therefore, the speaker selector will appear (to the amp) as an 8 ohm load. Do you have everything hooked up? How does it sound?
CL/MA 1293

Product Reviews

TSM-8 Dual Source 8 Zone Speaker Selector w/ Amplifier Protection
4 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Rapid delivery and works as advertised
January 13, 2017
The unit is doing its intended job as advertised, i.e, impedance matching a system with multiple speakers in parallel. I personally had a problem making reliable connections to my system because my cables are #12 gauge.and as the manufacturer's info specified, the maximum accepted is #14. However, I tried using a higher gauge but it was too fine (probably around #18) and would not clamp securely into connectors. I have found these types of connectors to be a general nuisance and would recommend a change. Their one asset is that they're small and the manufacturer can squeeze connections for eight speaker pairs onto the back of the unit.
Works as advertised.
Some fine gauge wire may not be securely connected (clamped).

Edgewood, New Mexico
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great product
January 28, 2016
Very pleased with the product. Great product! Great price!

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Replaced a much more expensive piece.
August 3, 2012
This product will allow you to connect up to 8 pairs of speakers to one amp without overloading the circuitry. The speaker connectors are large and clumsy, and the name tags go into the middle of the buttons. Other than that ... very much like the name brand piece this replaced.
Easy To Use, Easy To Set Up, Quality Construction
Best Uses:
Replacement, Upgrade

Store use
Dallas, TX
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good value but metal box is really cheap
August 29, 2011
We use the product to switch one amplifier to numerous demo speakers. Unit works well, but the metal construction is poor.
Easy To Setup, Easy To Use
Flimsy Construction