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Trimless Invisible Ceiling Speakers

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Heard but Not Seen – Experience the Difference Ceiling Speakers and Inwall Speakers Make

If you’re ready to add in-wall or ceiling speakers to your living room, home theater, bedroom or other area, now is a great time to buy. The audio technology behind in-wall and in-ceiling speakers is better than ever and you’ll love how discreet in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are and how much extra space they add to rooms. Read more...
Customers love OSD Audio ACE (Architectural Ceiling Element) Series in-ceiling/in-wall speakers. What makes these speakers so popular is not only the amazing audio quality but the fact they are virtually invisible thanks to micro-trim grills have thin 0.2-inch wide borders (compared to regular 1-inch borders). Once installed, the ACE Trimless Ceiling speakers simply and elegantly integrate into an interiors and paintable grilles create an even more stealthy appearance. OSD Audio ACE inwall and in-ceiling speakers are available in 5.25, 6.5 and 8” cone sizes to fit any size application.