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Outdoor Speaker Wire UV

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Oxygen Free Outdoor Speaker Wire Made to the Highest Standards

When running cable outdoors, we recommend using our outdoor/in-wall rated, weather-resistant line of outdoor speaker cable that can withstands extreme weather conditions like rain, snow and high temperatures. These cables incorporate twice the insulation and have a formulated white polyethylene jacket that is U/V resistant. This extra protection lets you bury them in them ground, install them in walls or expose them to the hot sun, rain or snow without the worry of degradation. Meticulous attention is given to construction quality with premium-grade compounds, high-purity copper conductors and precision tolerances that minimize attenuation, noise and external interference. OSD outdoor speaker cables guarantee audiophile quality without the audiophile price.

Tech Tip: How Do I Figure out the Wire Gauge?

Wire gauge can be confusing but remember that the lower the gauge number the longer the run. For runs 80 feet or under, 16 gauge wire will work fine. If you're running cable from 80-200 feet, go with a 14 gauge. If your run exceeds 200 feet, consider using a 12 gauge cable.

Tech Tip: Plan Ahead when Running Cable

There's nothing more frustrating than running short on a cable run. Before you run AV cable, always plan for more than you really need. Carefully measure your cable route and don’t forget to take into account corners and obstacles that your cable may have to snake around. Remember! Don't run A/V cables too close to power cables—noise can seep in and affect picture or sound quality.