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Speaker Selectors

2 to 8 zones, automatic remote control and with volume control.

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A high quality speaker selector and speaker selector switch can make all the difference in the world when you want to create the perfect acoustics. The products you'll find here are made in the same ISO9004 factory that makes some of the world's best brand names, so when you order from us, you get the same components that meet the same high standards without paying brand name prices. Whether you are looking for a speaker selector, speaker switch or speaker splitter, you'll find it at Outdoor Speaker Depot. Read more...
Speaker Selectors - Save up to 70% on a Great Custom Feature Don't underestimate the value of a speaker selector and speaker selector switch. Speaker selectors are intelligent devices that allow you to connect multiple pairs of speakers to your stereo receiver or amplifier and adjust the volume of any pair independently. Listen to any pair of speakers, for instance in the kitchen or bath, or any combination of pairs simultaneously. Our speaker selector with volume control allows this. OSD Audio offers varying features and powering handling capabilities to fit any size system and budget, from simple dual zone units to models that can control up to 12 pairs of speakers! Once you open the box, you will immediately notice the sturdy build quality of your speaker selector, and you won't find any manufacturer who can come close to our discount prices. Solid-state circuit breakers protect from overload, and the low profile design and compact size fit neatly into shelves or equipment racks. OSD Audio backs up its speaker selectors with two- and five-year warranties.