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At Outdoor Speaker Depot, we offer a wide variety of subwoofer options to meet every homeowner's needs. Whether you want an in-wall sub or a stand-alone sub, we have plenty of options from which to choose. Read more...
Plus, we carry subwoofers that can be used for indoor or outdoor applications, making it easy to enjoy your favorite music both in and around your home. All of our subwoofers work with your indoor and outdoor speakers to provide incredibly rich, powerful sound. Even in-wall subs, which were once seen as slightly less powerful, have come so far in terms of technology that they now provide healthy competition for our traditional stand-alone subwoofers.

If you're creating an audio system for your home, powered subs should be one of the first things you consider. There are many factors to mull over, including whether you have space for a stand-alone subwoofer or whether you need a sub that can hold up to harsh weather conditions. Fortunately, we offer great solutions for just about every situation. Choose from in-wall subwoofers that take up zero floor space or freestanding subs that can moved around to meet your audio preferences. Get one subwoofer for a small space or multiple subs to fill every inch of your home with crisp, clear audio. You can also choose from all kinds of stylish outdoor subwoofer designs, including those disguised as rocks, tree trunks or even planters.

When setting up your subwoofer, make sure you consider where people will be sitting and the surfaces off of which your sound will be reflected. Our buying guides and DIY installation videos will help you determine which subs to purchase and how to set it up. Plus, you'll get lifetime support from our tech team free of charge, so there's no reason to hesitate when buying your subwoofers from Outdoor Speaker Depot.