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In Wall Subwoofers

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Who says a subwoofer needs to take up precious floor or wall space? With these in wall subwoofers from Outdoor Speaker Depot, you can transform any area of your home with powerful, rich audio. They can even be used with outdoor speakers to make your porch, patio or deck even more inviting. These compact units can be installed right within your walls to enhance your sound without taking up precious space. Read more...
Many models even have a grille that can be painted to better match your indoor or outdoor décor. The ability to have your subwoofer match so seamlessly with your surroundings will make you forget it's even there. But once you turn on the sound, there's no way you'll be able to ignore the way this powerful in wall subwoofer gives your audio a kick that it simply can't get without it.

With an in wall subwoofer, you'll be able to get a richer, fuller sound from your favorite music or movies. Whether you're indoors or outdoors, the subwoofer ensures that all the low frequencies in your audio produce the clarity they deserve. Meanwhile, your powered in wall speakers can handle the mid- and high-range frequencies to produce clear stereo sound.

Most in-wall subwoofers are passive devices, which means that they require an external power source. We recommend pairing your in-wall subwoofer with an amplifier to provide stable power while enhancing the low frequencies your subwoofer produces. An amp also allows you to better control the level of the bass signal going to the subwoofer. However, it's important to match your in-wall subwoofer to the right amp, so be sure to use our buying guides to make the right purchase.

Installing your subwoofer is quick and easy when you use our handy step-by-step instructions. Just like our powered in-wall speakers, we also have DIY instructional videos so you can see what installation requires. In addition, you can always take advantage of our free lifetime technical support for further assistance. Get one of these powerful in-wall subwoofers from OSD to start enjoying richer, clearer audio inside and outside your home.