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Sound Base/Sound Stand with Built-in Subwoofers




Your plasma, LED or LCD TV will get a huge sound boost when you use a Bluetooth sound base from Outdoor Speaker Depot. Choose from the Soundplatform 2.1 Bluetooth Sound Base or the SoundSole 2.1 Bluetooth Sound Base. Both let you enhance the sound quality of your television without having to add speakers, and these sound systems don't require a lot of space. They'll give you simulated surround sound with deep bass and without separate amplifiers or speakers. They can also sync to almost any Bluetooth audio device as well as a CD player, portable music player or computer. Both models have multiple inputs for your various devices, infrared (IR) remote controls and Bluetooth support. Choose from 80 watts or 50 watts of total amplification.

We're your premiere source for exceptional home entertainment systems and components. Our audio engineers are experts in designing high-end audio and video equipment for the home market, so give us a call if you have any questions about these products.