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TosLink Digital Optical Audio Cable




Crystal Clear Digital Optical TosLink Audio Cable
Our crystal clear digital optical TosLink audio cable is available in lengths up to 100 feet from Outdoor Speaker Depot. These cables are smart solutions for DTS and Dolby Digital surround systems. The superior-grade optical fiber on our TosLink cables produce better clarity and a more natural sound from digital A/V components.

These digital optical audio cables use polished optical terminations and optical fiber to transfer digital signals through pulsating light. The fiber is immune to all forms of EM/RF interference, providing superior sonic accuracy.

If you use lower-grade optical fiber materials and hot-plate versus polished terminals, you risk signal loss and inaccurate sound. That's why audiophiles give five-star reviews to our cables.

Shop our standard and OSD Gold Series TosLink digital optical audio cable choices. Our Gold Series add gold-plated internal shields and 24K gold contacts with high-density triple-layer shielding.

If you've got questions on which TosLink cable will best serve your home entertainment sound system needs, contact our expert staff.